What They're Saying

Legendary songwriter Steve Gillette calls it "a cycle of original songs that echo those exciting days when the folk revival began to produce young writers and bands in the burgeoning folk-rock explosion of the Southern California sixties scene... Mike's songs uphold that tradition and are evidence that the California sound is alive and in good hands.” 

Rob Waller from "I See Hawks in L.A." says "Berman’s songs on “Where I’m From” carry a depth and humanity that stick with you. They’re both familiar and wise, offering comfort like an old friend."

Dave Franklin in “Dancing About Architecture” says “It’s a great album… Hills of California is the sound of a modern-day James Taylor, as is the other song about that state, Goodbye California. It Should Be Raining Today is a reflective and shimmering bundle of slide guitars and twinkling piano, The Road I Once Travelled is sweetly nostalgic, lilting and lovely and Living on Both Sides of The Five is country cool for the modern age.”

According to Indie Band Guru ,"The songwriting is impeccable throughout the entire album. The pictures that Mike Berman paints are detailed and full of vivid imagery, with lyrics that stick in your head for days."